Medication Dispensing Machine

End-to-end accurate positioning Product stepIM – Nema 34, EtherCAT stepIM – Nema 23, EtherCAT stepIM – Nema 17, EtherCAT Application Use stepIM Nema 34 controls the Y axis, moving the robot across the machine. 5 stepIMs Nema 23 control the Z axis, providing precise positioning per medicine bin. stepIM Nema 17 controls the Tilt axis […]

Dynamic Checkweighers

Improved accuracy. Shorter production time. Trusted by Bizarba Product stepIM – Integrated stepper motor Custom electronics – reduced plug and no heatsink Application 12-30 stepIMs per edgebanding machine. Each stepIM connects directly to a specific axis via software. Key Benefits Dust environment IP54 A high density of drives in a limited space

Shuttle Systems / ASRS

Smooth operation in extreme temperatures Trusted by Advance Storage Automation A ruggedized and food-grade servo solution for a shuttle system in pallet storage and handling operation. The comprehensive operational temperature range permits the use in refrigerated warehouses.

Mobile Transport Robots

Compact. Robust. Perfectly Matched. Trusted by Safelog Sturdy wheel-drive motion system with high power density. Suitable for operation in harsh environments and on rough floor surfaces. The optimized servo motor with planetary gear enables a high starting torque and smooth operation over a wide speed range. Discover more on this article, published by SPS Magazine: […]

Goods-to-Person Robots

Decentral architecture and durability Trusted by Caja Robotics Decentralized motion solutions for the traction and auxiliary axes of both lift and cart robots, used in goods-to-person order fulfillment. The specific design of the mechanical interfaces facilitated a seamless integration process. In addition, the robust wheel-drive system is tolerant to the high shock and vibration caused […]

Food processing and wrapping systems

Food Packaging

Flexibility of softMC motion controller adds value to food packaging and wrapping systems Food packaging wrapping systems have a need to combine multipletypes of washdown and food-grade motors and drives. By deploying the softMC into a system, a customer can use the controller as a gateway between the PLC and virtually any third-party motor, such as a stainlesssteel, linear, direct […]

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Add-on adjustment axes in vertical form fill packaging machines With the softMC installed on the machine, the existing solution can drive three or four more axes, adding delta robot capability without the needfor a robot controller, and for a fraction of the price. LETS TALK A customer recently approached STXI Motion with a request to […]

Labeling Machine

Bizerba GmbH is a worldwide leading specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies. Since 1866, Bizerba has set the innovations and developments that now form the food handling industry’s standard. Bizerba’s GLM-Imaxx C-Wrap line of high speed wrapping machines provide an output of up to 120 units / minute! To achieve its outstanding labeling accuracy […]

Backgage system

STXI’s new integrated motion solutions for the laser cutting industry Cincinnati Incorporated provides laser cutting systems, automation, press brakes, shears, conveyor systems, powder metal systems, and additive manufacturing systems. With over 50,000 metal fabrication machines manufactured in over a 100 years of operation, Cincinnati Incorporated is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the United States. LETS […]

Educational Robotics Industry 4.0 Upgrade Solution

Flexibility of softMC motion controller adds value to food packaging and wrapping systems Intelitek has partnered with Servotronix for an advanced industrial solution that addresses Industry 4.0 and offers a higher education approach to instruction for 21st century industrial methodology with the Intelitek ER9 robot.  By integrating a real industrial control system into the historically […]

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