Educational Robotics Industry 4.0 Upgrade Solution

Flexibility of softMC motion controller adds value to food packaging and wrapping systems

Intelitek has partnered with Servotronix for an advanced industrial solution that addresses Industry 4.0 and offers a higher education approach to instruction for 21st century industrial methodology with the Intelitek ER9 robot. 

By integrating a real industrial control system into the historically successful ER9 educational robot, students will be able to explore professional methodologies and enhanced manufacturing operations. This upgrade kit will give students a hands-on experience with industrial-grade equipment and prepare them for the latest Industry 4.0 technologies and manufacturing processes. Intelitek also makes use of legacy products and training content so that customers can combine the ER9 arm and the new controller with up-to-date Industry 4.0 protocols.

ER9 With Industrial Controller

The new upgrade kit allows customers that already own the ER9 to have industry grade control with new motion controller (softMC 301) and new drives for each axis. All the components are connected and visible to the students so that they can easily study the connections between the different controller units, the robotic arm, and the teach pendant. The upgraded system supports the latest robotic software, including ROS, Codesys, Siemens Robot Expert, and more.

The combination of the ER9 and the upgrade kit can serve as PBL (Project Based Learning) that will allow students to operate theER9 robotic arm in an industrial-like environment.


Educational Robotics Industry 4.0 Upgrade Solution

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