Laser Cutting Machine

CDHD2 drives paired with linear motors to achieve the maximum accuracy, throughput, and repeatability in Kern laser machine.

From their headquarters in the beautiful lakes country of Minnesota, Kern Laser have already partnered with national players as large as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, and the U.S military.

Not the typical laser in a box model, a Kern system has a flat open surface that allows access from all sides of the table, simplifying how materials are loaded and unloaded. Customers can cut wood, plastics, leather and light metal on a single machine, with virtually no downtime. As versatility and profitability go hand in hand with a Kern laser, they chose the most flexible servo drive in the industry for their latest machine design.

CDHD2 servo drive are open to interface any CAN and EtherCAT controller, and connect to almost any synchronous servo motor and feedback type!Renowned as the king of linear motion for its success in high performance control of both rigid and flexible linear motion systems, the CDHD2 features a proprietary adaptive non-linear control algorithm that minimizes the position error and settling time to levels far superior to those of other controllers. Additional built-in functionality in the drives, such as harmonic compensation and on-the-fly error correction, eliminate motor cogging and negate repeatable positioning errors.

To leverage from a perfect match, the CDHD2 drives used in Kern Laser’s latest FiberCELL and Optidual models, were paired with Technotion linear motors achieving the maximum accuracy, throughput, and repeatability that the Kern Laser customers expect.



CDHD2-LV – Low Voltage High Performance Servo Drives
CDHD2 – High Performance Servo Drives
stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers


Laser Cutting Machine

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