Medical Imaging Platform

To meet today’s medical standards of high and dynamic performance at a lower total cost of ownership,

STXI has recently developed a new Integrated Closed Loop Stepper Motor for GE Healthcare called SCM – Stepper Controller and Motor.

Below block diagram demonstrates the special features that were integrated into the SCM: only two connectors and a PE at the top for simple cable plug-in, redundancy SPI communication channel for status and recovery, reading redundancy feedback AqB, digital input, and more.

This new motion solution comes in addition to our MCM (Motion Control Module), a DC servo drive widely used in GE’s patient tables and nuclear detectors, and the HPM AC Servo Drive used in various heavy load rotation axes.



ZED - Ultra Compact Servo Drives
CDHD2-LV – Low Voltage High Performance Servo Drives
stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers


Medical Imaging Platform

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