Food processing and wrapping systems

Food Packaging

Flexibility of softMC motion controller adds value to food packaging and wrapping systems Food packaging wrapping systems have a need to combine multiple types of washdown and food-grade motors and drives. By deploying the softMC into a system, a customer can use the controller as a gateway between the PLC and virtually any third-party motor, such as a stainless steel, linear, direct […]

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Add-on adjustment axes in vertical form fill packaging machines With the softMC installed on the machine, the existing solution can drive three or four more axes, adding delta robot capability without the needfor a robot controller, and for a fraction of the price. LETS TALK A customer recently approached STXI Motion with a request to […]

Labeling Machine

Bizerba GmbH is a worldwide leading specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies. Since 1866, Bizerba has set the innovations and developments that now form the food handling industry’s standard. Bizerba’s GLM-Imaxx C-Wrap line of high speed wrapping machines provide an output of up to 120 units / minute! To achieve its outstanding labeling accuracy […]

Backgage system

STXI’s new integrated motion solutions for the laser cutting industry Cincinnati Incorporated provides laser cutting systems, automation, press brakes, shears, conveyor systems, powder metal systems, and additive manufacturing systems. With over 50,000 metal fabrication machines manufactured in over a 100 years of operation, Cincinnati Incorporated is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the United States. LETS […]

Educational Robotics Industry 4.0 Upgrade Solution

Intelitek has partnered with Servotronix for an advanced industrial solution that addresses Industry 4.0 and offers a higher education approach to instruction for 21st century industrial methodology with the Intelitek ER9 robot. By integrating a real industrial control system into the historically successful ER9 educational robot, students will be able to explore professional methodologies and […]

Robot in Entertainment – Video and stills production

KUKA ready to animate Software technology package for simplified robot programming: KUKA.ready2_animate enables KUKA robots to execute animated motion profiles in a particularly simple way. Software interface for simple robot animation.    Create motion profile with softwareGenerate robot motion profiles with intuitive software such as Autodesk MAYA® or Take4D Virtual Studio Read data into robot […]

Spine surgery robot

Custom integrated controller and servo drive for a compact high precision surgery robot. Presenting one of our most fascinating made in Israel projects for an innovative customer developing spine surgery robots. In a joint development with Servotronix R&D, a tiny custom servo drive with an integrated motion controller were designed to fit one of the […]

Edgebanding machine

Replacing DC motors to integrated closed-loop stepper technology Superior edge appearance is decisive for any high quality furniture! For a technological leader in edgebanding machines in Germany, optically invisible zero joints are a matter of course. Our customer's latest edgebander has switched from DC motors to the stepIM closed loop stepper technology. LETS TALK To […]

Carpet tufting machine

Custom 12-axis drive for a tufting machine OEM-specific products is our DNA, it’s where our heart is, it’s where the highest value lies for a leading machine builder. One of our favorite projects of all times, is a custom multi drive unit designed for a leading carpet tufting machine builder in the US, with each […]

Autonomous harvesting robot

A custom all-in-one brushless DC motion control module (MCM) Developed for GE’s NM (Nuclear Medicine), CT (Computed Topography), PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and Patient Table. The MCM module has replaced six separate components, fitting them in a single cost and space efficient module with a single product number for all its axes. LETS TALK The […]

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