Labeling Machine

Bizerba GmbH is a worldwide leading specialist in industrial weighing and labeling technologies.

Since 1866, Bizerba has set the innovations and developments that now form the food handling industry’s standard.

Bizerba’s GLM-Imaxx C-Wrap line of high speed wrapping machines provide an output of up to 120 units / minute!

To achieve its outstanding labeling accuracy and speed combination, Bizerba has chosen the Servotronix’s 200W CDHD servo drive and motor bundle for its main labeling axis.

For on-the-fly labeling capability, a special algorithm was implemented in the servo drive, that receives input from the camera and triggers the labeler to stop at a constant distance from the approaching package on the conveyor, while running in velocity mode. As the labeler holds its position, the label can be applied smoothly and accurately onto the moving package.



Labeling Machine

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