A motor with a controller or a driver, and an encoder, is an integrated motor. Integrated motors save wiring between the motor, controller and the control cabinet. By minimizing the machine complexity and installation efforts, the overall system cost is reduced. Their minimal footprint makes the integrated motor-drives ideal for modular machine architecture, saving plenty of cabinet space.

STXI Integrated Motors

stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers

With a cost-effective design and superior closed loop servo drive by Servotronix Motion Control, the stepIM provides an efficient and economical solution for applications that require the performance of a servo at the price level of a stepper. The stepIM significantly enhances the performance of the stepper motors, when compared to conventional open loop control. The integrated electronics control the stepper motor as a two phase BLDC motor, implementing position servo loop, velocity loop, DQ current control, as well as additional algorithms. Closed loop commutation, by means of an absolute singe-turn encoder, ensures optimal torque utilization at any speed.

servIM – Integrated Servo Motors

The servIM integrated servo motor is a cost effective and flexible solution, ideal for applications with limited control cabinet space and a decentral machine architecture. The servIM, with its high power density and compact size, enables space-saving machine designs and ultimately cabinet-less machines.

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