Design Your
Mobile Robots
Without Boundaries

Drive ahead of the game with compact, robust, and
dynamic motion solutions ideally optimized for AGVs,
AMRs, ASRS and Shuttle Systems.

Drive ahead of the game with compact, robust, and dynamic motion solutions ideally optimized for AGVs, AMRs, ASRS and Shuttle Systems.

All-Inclusive Mobile Motion Solutions.

Explore a wide range of motion control solutions for the growing intralogistics industry. Our solutions are integrated, ready to use, and optimized for specific application requirements.
From traction axes to auxiliary axes, such as lifts, telescopic arms, grippers, and more – we’ve got your motion needs covered every step of the way.

Customized Motion, from Wheel to Ceiling.

Optimized Wheel-Drive Systems

Mobile Motion for AGVs/AMRs


Compact drives and gear motors

A complete and ready-to-use wheel drive system optimized for the requirements of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots. A compact servo drive and gear motor with an integrated brake and encoder maximize space savings and simplify the cabling and mechanical design of the mobile vehicle.

Integrated Wheel-Hub Motor

Boasting a power range spanning from 100 to 800 W, the new TIM integrated servo motor series is ideal for mobile robots with limited design space. TIM also supports absolute single-turn and multi-turn encoder, which, together with functional, safety, meet the full range of resolution and safe operation requirements of diverse applications.

Safe Motion Using A Standard Incremental Encoder
According to ISO 3691-4, PLD

An STO SIL3, Cat 3, PL e safety function can be connected to a PLC/motion controller and/or safety controller. Two additional non-safe encoders can be connected from the motor to the safety controller (e.g, Flexi Mobile from SICK) for safe motion monitoring, minimizing the complexity of the AGV design.

Customized motion
from head to wheel

Our products and solutions are used a wide range of applications, accommodating the increasing demand for multiple axes and application flexibilty in mobile robots. in addition to the traction axes, STXI’s drives and motors are used for lifting mechanisms and other auxiliary motion axes, such as rotating units and telescopic manipulators.

Fast and Agile Product Modifications

Our products allow diverse configurations, including brake and planetary gear options and different mechanical variants, allowing flexibility in the positioning and orientation of the electronics and connectors

Lifting mechanism with drives and motors

Distributed motion control with servo drives and servo motors to achieve smooth actuation for pallet lifting applications.

Centralized elevation with integrated actuator

Using TIM integrated servo
motors combined with a linear actuator to control a scissor lift mechanism.

Fork, tilt and lift axes

TIM Integrated servo motors control the rotating box picking
unit. Also suitable for mobile robots arms.

Telescopic Manipulators in shuttle systems

Integrated gearmotors are an ideal solution for actuating telescopic axes in a variety of shuttle systems/ASRS applications.

Design Your Mobile Robot Without Boundaries