A careful selection of components, uncompromised quality, and a wide range of power ratings assure that our servo motors are optimal for dynamic, reliable and efficient automation. The servo motors are also offered in combination with servo drives and motion controllers. A complete servo system enables fast and easy commissioning, and further enhances ease of use and value for machine builders.

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MOT-GM – AGV/ AMR용 기어 모터

MOT은 AGV 및 AMR 제조업체들을 위한 폭넓은 기어드 모터 시스템으로, 고 토크 밀도 브러시리스 서보 모터, 유성치차감속기, 스프링 작동식 제동장치

MOT-GM Getriebemotor für fahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge/autonome mobile Roboter

MOT ist ein umfassendes Getriebemotorsystem für Hersteller von fahrerlosen Transportfahrzeugen und autonomen mobilen Robotern, das einen bürstenlosen Servomotor mit hoher

MOT-GM Low Voltage Gearmotors

The MOT is a comprehensive gear motor system for AGV and AMR manufacturers, which includes a high torque density brushless

MOT-PM – Low Voltage Servo Motors

Combining high dynamics and power density, the MOT-PM synchronous servo motors provide an efficient and economical solution for low voltage

PRHD2 – Highly Dynamic Servo Motors

Featuring the latest engineering and manufacturing technology, PRHD2 servo motors feature an innovative and patented 20 bit absolute encoder. The