Reach the full potential of your machine with optimized motion solutions by STXI Motion. We know and use the latest technologies to create a fully optimized motion solution, from a drive-motor set, to a complete subassembly solution – integrated and connected to your machine. Our application-specific motion systems will save the time, effort and cost you spend on sourcing components, engineering, assembly and adjustments. From integrated motor and gearmotor solutions for low-voltage and mobile applications, to complete linear motion systems for high-throughput and dynamic automation, discover our smart motion solutions and transform your machine architecture now.

Mobile Motion System for AGVs & AMRs

The mobiMS mobile motion system is a complete and ready-to-use wheel drive system designed and optimized for the requirements of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots. 

Motion control solutions for Packaging machines

The softMC compact motion controller adds multi-axis motion control or robotic capabilities to your packaging system at industry-standard gateway costs.


Linear motion systems

STXI offers fully-integrated gantry systems featuring two-axis synchronization, based on STXI linear servo motors, drives, motion controller and user interface.


Integrated Motors

Decentral drive units of closed loop motors and actuators with integrated gear, electronics and feedback. Ideal for low speed applications and for replacing pneumatic solutions.

Linear Motor Systems & Stages

Off-the-shelf or customized linear stages, prefabricated with all supporting elements including position feedback, limit sensors, cable carrier, linear bearing / guideways


Medical Imaging Platform


Laser Cutting Machine

CNC & Laser Cutting

CT and Patient Table


Lift AGV Robot


Autonomous order fulfillment robot


Mobile picking robot


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