TwinCAT – Master/Master EtherCAT communication

Enhanced robotic performance now with real-time
data exchange between TwinCAT and ControlStudio

ControlStudio meets TwinCAT ControlStudio now communicates with Beckhoff’s
TwinCAT software. The two systems can directly exchange PDO and SDO objects in both directions via
an EL6695 EtherCAT bridge.
While the Beckhoff controllers and TwinCAT software manage and monitor the workcell, the Servotronix. softMC multi-axis controller and ControlStudio software control the servo system or robotic arm.
From now on, applications programmed and executed in this way will have the best of both worlds – softMC’s high performance multi-axis motion capabilities with Beckhoff’s advanced control technology.

Key benefits

  • softMC’s enhanced robotic and multi-axis motion capabilities can now seamlessly connect to the Beckhoff control technology.
  • Streamlines programming and execution of tasks in the robotic workcell.
    The optimal robot controller
    The softMC multi-axis motion control by Servotronix provides extensive programming
    capabilities for a variety of automation and robotic applications.
    With its open and flexible programming language, users can create motion programs with preemptive
    multi-tasking and asynchronous event response.
    Fully integrated cartesian & robot systems. STXI offers fully integrated systems based on the
    softMC for different standard and customized robotic and mechanical configurations like PUMA, SCARA and STXI’s complete cartesian robots.

In action

ControlStudio continuously sends robot position feedback to TwinCAT, which in turn continuously reads. the robot position feedback. TwinCAT sets the next position for each axis and sends it to ControlStudio.
ControlStudio reads the next position command for each axis and moves the robot to the set positions
according to softMC interpolation.

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