SoftMC-EtherNet/IP Gateway

New Feature STXI Motion System with Rockwell Automation

softMC-EtherNet/IP gateway

The softMC multi-axis robotic motion controller now communicates with Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000® software. The two environments can exchange messages directly using EtherNet/IP communication protocol. While the Rockwell Automation machine controllers and Studio 5000 software manage and monitor the workcell performance, the Servotronix softMC motion controller controls auxiliary axes and electromechanical motion systems, by sending EtherNet/IP motion messages over CANopen or EtherCAT networks.

Key benefits

  • Control of single and multi-axis motion tasks with Add-On Instructions (AOIs) for the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs
  • Streamlined programming and execution of the motion function block within the workcell
  • A flexible, modular, motion control solution with extended robotics capabilities
  • Seamless integration into systems based on Rockwell Automation architecture and PLCs
  • Complete, cost-saving motion systems with drive-motor bundles or electromechanical solutions
  • Additional digital I/Os – 11 inputs/6 outputs on CDHD servo drives, 4 inputs/2 outputs on stepIM integrated motors

Rockwell Automation

Allen-Bradley PLC

STXI Motion

A centralized solution uses the softMC as a motion controller for applications performed by synchronized axes, such as delta, cartesian, or gantry robots.

A decentralized solution uses the softMC primarily as a gateway to the Allen‑Bradley PLC. The service axes perform flexible, automated application tasks.

Studio 5000

The integrated STXI Motion and Rockwell Automation systems are supported by Rockwell Automation CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLCs using Studio 5000 versions 32.01, 31.01, 30.02, 28.03, 24.02, and 20.05.

Use the Studio 5000 design environment to program, configure, and maintain your system.

Add On Instructions

STXI Motion provides Add-On Instructions (AOIs) to give integrators a simple way to interface the control systems with the robotic and motion devices. The name format is similar to other Rockwell AOIs. Sample programs are also available.

AOI Description

softMC_Comms softMC communications per axis

softMC_MSO Motion servo on

softMC_MSF Motion servo off

softMC_MAFR Motion axis fault reset

softMC_MAS Motion axis stop

softMC_MAH Motion axis home

softMC_MAJ Motion axis jog

softMC_MAM Motion axis move in either absolute or incremental

softMC_RD_IN Read axis input (up to 11 inputs)

softMC_WRT_OUT Write axis output (up to 6 output)

softMC_TASK_Load Load softMC task

softMC_TASK_Start Start softMC task

softMC_TASK_Kill Kill softMC task

softMC_RD_PAR Read controller parameter

softMC_WRT_PAR Write controller parameter

softMC_RES Reset all axes

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